Institution: 1st Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, 50924 Cologne, Germany

Top Collaborators: Donko Z, Nissen N, Lehmann C, Robinson N, Jung N, Plum G, Förster K, Koch N, Goree J, Leifeld L, Korolov I, Fischer J, Bano G, Mauss S, Derzsi A, Drebber U, Thomas E, Steffen HM, Zeps N, Romerio F

Research Interests: Iron, Oxygen, Tissue, Absorption, Infection, Phenotype, Sulfur, Methods, Cell, Human, Actinomycetes, Bacterial Processes, DNA, Gene, Genes, Genome, mRNA, Mycobacteriophage, Mycobacteriophages, Mycobacterium