Han,Sang Woo

Institution: Department of Chemistry and KI for the NanoCentury, KAIST, Daejeon 305-701, Korea

Top Collaborators: Lee YW, Kang SW, Hong JW, Kim M, Park KH, Kim D, Lee SB, Chang JH, Kim JH, Choi BS, Kim TH, Samoto VY, Stilhano RS, Hong CH, Junior HS, Lee S, Martins L, Lee HY, Sacramento CB, Park I

Research Interests: Nanoparticles, Alloy, Ethanol, Patients, Nanocrystals, Cells, Carbon, Ions, Growth, Cell, Diseases, Stem, Molar, Nanostructures, Oxygen, Kinetics, Raman Scattering, Bone, Granulocyte, Endothelial Growth Factor