Han,Dong Keun

Institution: Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Top Collaborators: Park K, Kim IH, Choi J, Lee BS, Joung YK, Bae SE, Mayya V, Shin HS, Lundgren DH, Cha MH, Hwang SI, Rezaul K, Choi BG, Wu L, Jeong B, Eng JK, Cho SB, Rodionov V, Jung HH, Choi DH

Research Interests: Oxygen, Proteins, Hydrogen, Collagen, Ftir, Titanium, Concentrations, Dexamethasone, Cell, Human, Stem Cells, Temperature, Polymer, Catalase, Drugs, Hydrogen Peroxide, Microsphere, Microspheres, Molar, Molecular Weight