Hammond,Christine L

Institution: University of Rochester School of Medicine, USA

Top Collaborators: Mitchell RE, Huitema LF, Skinner RE, Brunt LH, Severn C, Ballatori N, Schulte-merker S, Krance SM, Notenboom S, Shi S, Tieu K, Thomas RH, Bodger OG, Rees MI, Smith PE, , Marchan R

Research Interests: Apoptosis, Cell, Cell Differentiation, Cells, Glutathione, Glutathione Disulfide, Homeostasis, Report, Role, Treatment, Ability, Biochemical Processes, Biological Processes, Cell Proliferation, Concentrations, Gssg, Metal Complexes, Multidrug Resistance, Multidrug Resistance-associated Proteins, Oxidized Glutathione