Hale,Robert C

Institution: The College of William and Mary, USA

Top Collaborators: Harvey E, Gaylor MO, Chen D, La Guardia MJ, Zhang X, Mai B, Sun Q, Song J, Luo X, Zeng EY, Luellen DR, Mainor TM, Rattner BA, Lazarus RS, Potter KE, Heinz GH, Watts BD, Karouna-renier NK, Harvey EP, Schultz SL

Research Interests: Pbdes, Concentrations, Birds, Concentration, Ether, Diphenyl Ethers, Environment, Ethers, Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers, Flame Retardants, Polymers, Bay, Dde, Egg, Eggs, Human, Pcbs, Chinese, Liver, Food