Institution: University of Rostock, Germany

Top Collaborators: Reis O, Buchmann J, Klauer T, Thome J, Dueck A, Gierow W, Zamorski H, Heinicke S, Heinrich H, Hoeppner J, Neustadt B, Buchmann-barthel K, Rudolph S, Smolenski U, Buchmann H, Wagner KF, Schwarz V, Glaser T, Hiemke C

Research Interests: Attention, Inhibition, Serum, Patients, Adults, Analysis Of Variance, Body Weight, Evoked Potential, Magnetic, Methylphenidate, Motor Evoked Potential, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Attention Deficit Disorder, Child, Intelligence, Learning, Learning Disability, School, Separated, Adolescence