Haddad,Elias K

Institution: Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida, USA

Top Collaborators: Van Grevenynghe J, Cubas RA, Dafonseca S, Tremblay CL, Sékaly RP, Metcalf T, Mudd JC, He Z, Savoye AL, Peretz Y, Perreau M, Filali-mouhim A, Connick E, Dupuy FP, Meditz A, Procopio FA, Freeman GJ, Chomont N, Abesada-terk G, Balderas RS

Research Interests: B Cells, Hiv, Hiv Infection, Infection, Cell Survival, Immunity, Apoptosis, Hiv Vaccines, Hiv-1, Il-2, Memory, Natural Immunity, siRNA, Therapeutic, Vaccines, Viral Load, Cells, Dendritic, Dendritic Cells, Disease, Disease Progression