Gylys,Karen Hoppens

Institution: UCLA School of Nursing and Mary S Easton Center for Alzheimer's Research, USA

Top Collaborators: Vinters HV, Miller CA, Sokolow S, Cole GM, Henkins KM, Poon WW, Bilousova T, Cornwell LB, Saing T, Luu SH, Poon W, Nandy K, Arold S, Sullivan P, Teng E, Williams IA, Schmid I, Kim T, Headley AJ, Hanson AY

Research Interests: Amyloid, Disease, Flow Cytometry, Synaptosomes, Synapses, Aged, Synaptic Terminals, Pathology, Population, Immunoblotting, Patients, Detergent, Human, Sodium, Synaptosome, Microscopy, Synapse, Brain, Isoforms, Na(+)-ca(2+) Exchanger