Institution: Laboratory for Osteo-articular and Dental Tissue Engineering; University of Nantes, France

Top Collaborators: Másson M, Weiss P, Merceron C, Vinatier C, Bouler JM, Wittrant Y, Khoshniat S, Verron E, Clouet J, Janvier P, Pilet P, Bujoli B, Gauthier O, Gatius M, Moreau A, Beck L, Josse S, Sourice S, Arshad MD, Moreau F

Research Interests: Calcium, Bone, Cells, Cell, Tissue, Culture, Role, Tissues, Cartilage, Chondrocytes, PCR, Engineering, Time, Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Work, Aggrecan, Collagen, Phenotype, Treatment