Institution: Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore

Top Collaborators: Bezzi M, Migliori V, Phalke S, Mok WC, Sahu SK, Mapelli M, Mzoughi S, Jennifer N, Low DH, Müller J, Thike AA, Low D, Kuznetsov VA, Tan PH, Voorhoeve PM, Gunaratne J, Teo SX, Capasso P, Muller J, Bassi C

Research Interests: Arginine, Chromatin, Histone, Lysine, Proteins, Donor, Histone Code, Hydrogen, Methylation, Post-translational Modifications, Role, Histone H3, Tail, Agar, Cancer, Cell Cycle, Mice, Protein Arginine Methyltransferase, Acetylation, Acids