Greene,Lloyd A

Institution: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, USA

Top Collaborators: Xu Z, Wilhelm M, Gire S, Sproul AA, Willett RT, Malagelada C, Jin ZH, Kukekov NV, Schmit TL, Biswas SC, Biagas KV, Maes ME, Lee HY, Angelastro JM, Kenney AM, Mason CA, Jackson-lewis V, Przedborski S, Zhang Y, Iyirhiaro G

Research Interests: Neurons, Death, Neuron, Kinase, Cell, Cells, Cell Cycle, Cell Death, Disease, Proteins, Regulation, Ngf, Phosphorylation, Role, Affect, Apoptosis, C-jun N-terminal Kinase, DNA, DNA Damage, Growth