Gordon,Leo I

Institution: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Cancer Institute, USA

Top Collaborators: Evens AM, Singh AT, Bhalla S, Forte TM, Ryan RO, Prachand S, Roy R, Winter JN, Schumacker PT, Gregory SA, Yang S, Nelson BP, Hagemeister F, Chen YB, Rotem-yehudar R, Raji A, Fanale M, Kaminski MS, Carson KR, Lu Y

Research Interests: Lymphoma, Cell, B-cell, Patients, Apoptosis, Chemotherapy, Oxygen, Survival, Cell Lines, Cyclin, Cyclin D1, Mantle Cell Lymphoma, B-cell Lymphoma, Genes, Germinal Center, Hypoxia, Progression-free Survival, Acetylcysteine, Death, N-acetylcysteine