Goodwin,W Jarrard

Institution: France; and University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center, USA

Top Collaborators: Hrushesky W, Wells JR, Moore C, Hamm J, Yoo G, Baselga J, Murphy BA, Menander KA, Licato LL, Chada S, Gibbons RD, Olivier M, Hainaut P, Nemunaitis J, Roth JA, Clayman G, Sobol RE, Agarwala SS

Research Interests: Biomarkers, Cancer, Carcinoma, Carcinomas, Cell, Experimental Design, Gene, Gene Therapy, Head, Methotrexate, Neck, P53 Gene, Patients, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinomas, Survival, Time, Treatment, Tumor