González,Luis Javier

Institution: Department of Proteomics, Division of Physical-Chemistry, Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, PO Box 6162, Havana, Cuba

Top Collaborators: Padrón G, Besada V, Gil J, Cabrales A, Reyes O, Morera V, Betancourt L, Sanchez A, Garcia G, Moya G, Fernandez E, Valenzuela C, Hernandez F, García I, Hernández A, Berlanga J, Guillén G

Research Interests: Concentration, Growth, Growth Hormone, Hormone, Human, Plasma, Tissue, Tissue Viability, Work, Acetone, Alanine, Calibration, Cold, Exhibits, Ischemia, Kidneys, Liver, Plasma Proteins, Proteins, Quality Control