Institution: Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, 2A&2B Raja S. C. Mullick Road, Kolkata 700032, India

Top Collaborators: Ravikumar I, Shaikh MM, Biswas MK, Weyhermüller T, Arunachalam M, Garcia-marcos M, Butcher RJ, Patra SC, Ahamed BN, Maity AN, Ear J, Ke SC, Mittal Y, Akhuli B, Roy AS, Dash C, Alayyoubi M, Maity S, Mukerjea R, John A

Research Interests: X-ray, Water, Methanol, Anions, Hydrogen, Ions, Ligands, Electron, Proteins, X-ray Diffraction, Silver, Transfer, Tyrosine, Temperature, Time, PH, Role, Salts, Gold, Glasses