Ghio,Andrew J

Institution: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, USA

Top Collaborators: Callaghan KD, Yang F, Stonehuerner J, Voynow JA, Richards JD, Roth JA, Ganapathy B, Baker JF, Stonehuerner JG, Richards JH, Nguyen NB, Haile DJ, Fischer BM, Domowicz DA, Zheng S, Carter JL, Deng Z, Mcelvaney NG, Dailey LA, Taggart C

Research Interests: Iron, Oxidative Stress, Cells, Cell, Concentrations, Homeostasis, Human, Epithelial Cells, Ferritin, Inflammation, Role, Tissue, Heme, Lung, Oxygen, Lead, Affect, Air, Air Pollution, Ammonium