Ghaemmaghami,Amir M

Institution: The University of Nottingham, UK

Top Collaborators: Shakib F, Emara M, Sewell HF, Royer PJ, Al-ghouleh A, Mahdavi J, Sharquie IK, Chau DY, Martinez-pomares L, Fox J, Garcia-nieto S, Johal RK, Johal R, Shakesheff KM, Harrington H, Dalleywater WJ, Salazar F, Yang C, Fitton P, Clark MR

Research Interests: Cells, Dendritic Cells, Role, Mannose, Allergens, Cell, Human, Play, Mite, Th2 Cell, Ige, Immune System, Cell Differentiation, Gene, Gene Silencing, Carbohydrates, Dust, House Dust, House Dust Mite, Lectins