Gershon,E S

Institution: The University of Chicago, USA

Top Collaborators: Alliey-rodriguez N, Zhang D, Liu C, Coryell W, Badner JA, Kelsoe JR, Rice J, Lahey BB, Greenwood T, Byerley W, Zhang X, Nievergelt C, Mcmahon F, Dinwiddie S, Barrett TB, Schulze TG, Romanos B, Mckinney R, Berrettini W, Plenys N

Research Interests: Bipolar Disorder, Genome, Patients, Mania, Reports, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, Survey, Association, Endophenotypes, Gene, Gene Discovery, Genome-wide Association Study, Personality, Chromosome, Chromosome 22, Conflicts, Ethical Issues, Genotype, Population, Risk