Institution: National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/Obesity and Diabetes Clinical Research Section, USA

Top Collaborators: Gibson C, Ochner CN, Greenberg JA, Carnell S, Atalayer D, Konopacka A, Teixeira J, Owen DR, Nolan LJ, Halperin LB, Dambkowski C, Gibson CD, Shanik M, Goel V, Gluck ME, Puma LM, Yahav E, Raevuori A, Hashim SA

Research Interests: Appetite, Food, Food Intake, Bariatric Surgery, Patients, Surgery, Eating, Obesity, Peptides, Regulation, Body Weight, Hormone, Hunger, Coffee, Glucose, Behavior, Caloric Intake, Gastric Bypass, Pandemic, Procedure