Institution: School of Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cameroon

Top Collaborators: Assana E, Lightowlers MW, Zoli AP, Secka A, Grimm F, Marcotty T, Van Marck E, Berkvens D, Ngale V, Nsame Nforninwe D, Boutche L, Zoli A, Quet F, Preux PM, Carabin H, Victor B, De Deken R, Nyan O, Herera O, Praet N

Research Interests: Cysticercosis, Taenia, Taenia Solium, Epilepsy, Disease, Human, Neurocysticercosis, Population, Developing Countries, Parasite, Administration, Age Groups, Antigen, Elisa, Epidemic, Epidemiological Study, Household, Questionnaire, Serology, Seroprevalence