Institution: Department for Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry University of Würzburg, Germany

Top Collaborators: Vorndran E, Moseke C, Ewald A, Groll J, Gelinsky M, Barralet JE, Grover LM, Klammert U, Nies B, Reuther T, Spohn N, Rössler S, Storch S, Kübler AC, Müller FA, Helmschrott K, Knebl G, Christel T, Mehrban N, Kuhlmann M

Research Interests: Calcium, Magnesium, Bone, Hydroxyapatite, Temperature, Water, Ions, PH, Time, Compressive Strength, Concentration, Concentrations, Solubility, Calcium Phosphates, Phosphates, X-ray, Vancomycin, Adsorption, Cell Line, Electron