Institution: Unit of Medical Biology and Environment, Institut Pasteur, Dakar, Senegal

Top Collaborators: Diawara A, Bada-alambedji R, Broutin C, Leclercq A, Le Hello S, Watson M, Levy M, Marcon S, Brown M, Yvon JF, Missotte I, Breurec S, Poueme R, Fall C, Tall A

Research Interests: Antibodies, Brucella, Brucella Abortus, Coagulase, Colony-forming Units, Consumption, Coxiella, Coxiella Burnetii, Dairy Products, Hygiene, Milk, Mycobacterium, Mycobacterium Bovis, Production, Salmonella, Standards, Strains, Disease, Disease Outbreaks, Outbreaks