Gargett,Caroline E

Institution: Monash Institute of Medical Research and Monash University, Australia

Top Collaborators: Ye L, Ramshaw JA, Rosamilia A, Werkmeister JA, Chan RW, Hubbard SA, Ulrich D, Edwards SL, White JF, Supit T, Rueda BR, Mayberry R, Lo C, Lo CY, Britt KL, Stanley EG, Deane JA, Elefanty AG, Gualano RC, Muralitharan R

Research Interests: Cells, Endometrium, Stem, Human, Progenitor Cells, Cell, Role, Epithelium, Mouse, Estrogen, Stem Cells, Tissue, Cancer, Mice, Population, Women, Adult, Bromodeoxyuridine, Epithelial Cells, Growth