Institution: University of Crete and FORTH, Greece

Top Collaborators: Voudouris P, Gomopoulos N, Peneva K, Zhang C, Muellen K, Lai C, Still T, Priestley RD, Vollmer D, Le Grand A, Hadjichristidis N, Floudas G, Ediger MD, Choi J, Sainidou R, Dong H, Cherdhirankorn T, Matyjaszewski K, Best A, Bockstaller MR

Research Interests: Silica, Polymer, Polystyrene, Glass, Light, Temperature, Temperatures, Polymers, Spectroscopy, Transition Temperature, Phonon, Relaxation, Concentration, Concentrations, Diffusion, Fluorescence, Molecular Weight, Molecular Weights, Scales, Solutions