Furst,Eric M

Institution: Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Center for Molecular and Engineering Thermodynamics, University of Delaware, 150 Academy St., Newark, Delaware 19716, USA

Top Collaborators: Schultz KM, Baldwin AD, Kiick KL, Beltramo PJ, Swan JW, Campo-deaño L, Clasen C, Wagner NJ, Park BJ, Cho W, Fowler JD, Shindel MM, Roa R, Singh JP, Carrique F, Lele PP, Nettesheim F

Research Interests: Polystyrene, Latex, Concentrations, Heparin, Measure, Time, Dielectric Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy, Suspensions, Accounting, Water, Ethylene Glycol, Kinetics, Lead, Molecular Weight, Concentration, Rheology, Exhibits, Hydrogen, Adsorption