Fulhorst,Charles F

Institution: The University of Texas Medical Branch, USA

Top Collaborators: Milazzo ML, Cajimat MN, Bradley RD, Hanson JD, Haynie ML, Utrera A, Duno G, Richter MH, Amman BR, Duno F, Méndez-harclerode FM, Suchecki JR, Milazzo C, Barragán-gomez A, Carroll SA, Carroll DS, Ruthven DC, Estrada-franco JG, Rogers DS, Bowen MD

Research Interests: Virus, Knowledge, Rodents, Viruses, Neotoma, Arenaviruses, Humans, RNA, Strains, Rat, Arenavirus, Genetic Diversity, Glycoprotein, Nucleocapsid, Nucleocapsid Protein, Strain, Rice, Rice Rat, Sigmodon, Amino Acid Sequence