Frye,Jonathan G

Institution: Bacterial Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Resistance Research Unit, US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Athens, Georgia 30605, USA

Top Collaborators: Fedorka-cray PJ, Glenn LM, Lindsey RL, Frank JF, Meinersmann RJ, Englen MD, Jackson CR, Zhao S, Mcdermott PF, Davis JA, Barrett JB, Turpin JE, Berrang ME, Folster JP, Pecic G, Boerlin P, Gilmour MW, Harbottle H

Research Interests: Animals, Human, Chloramphenicol, Elements, Genes, Plasmid, Plasmids, Sulfamethoxazole, Tetracycline, Bacteria, Animal, Cluster Analysis, Microarray Analysis, Poultry, Replicon, Salmonella, Salmonella Enterica, Separated, Aminoglycosides, CAT