Frier,Brian M

Institution: Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Department of Diabetes, 51 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh, EH16 4SA, UK

Top Collaborators: Graveling AJ, Geddes J, Macaulay D, Diener M, Wright RJ, Yan Y, Wu EQ, Gruenberger JB, Deary IJ, Schopman JE, Signorovitch JE, Emery CJ, Heller SR, Newby DE, Stirling D, Ludlam CA, Macdonald IA, Noyes KJ, Noh RM, Allerhand MH

Research Interests: Risk, Awareness, Insulin, Disease, Prevalence, Hypoglycemia, Treatment, Morbidity, Adults, Associations, Diabetes Mellitus, Coma, Exercise, Physical Activity, Seizures, Glucose, Risk Factor, Inflammation, Platelet, Platelet Activation