Fried,Nathaniel M

Institution: University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Department of Physics and Optical Science, 9201 University City Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina 28223-0001, USA

Top Collaborators: Blackmon RL, Irby PB, Cilip CM, Hutchens TC, Tozburun S, Lagoda GA, Burnett AL, Chitchian S, Weldon TP, Ross AE, Allaf ME, Fiddy MA, Jarow JP, Darafsheh A, Fardad A, Antoszyk AN, Ying HS, Astratov VN, Mcclain MA, Stahl CD

Research Interests: Laser, Thulium, Holmium, Surgery, Calcium, Power, Prostate, Rat, Lithotripsy, Yag Laser, Pulse, Optical Coherence Tomography, Tomography, Vasectomy, Cancer, Identification, Prostate Cancer, Human, Time, Fear