Fridell,Robert A

Institution: Department of Virology, Bristol-Myers Squibb Research and Development, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

Top Collaborators: Gao M, Wang C, Jia L, Valera L, Nower PT, Qiu D, Sun JH, Huang H, Huang X, Kirk MJ, Nguyen V, Hamann LG, Snyder LB, Deon DH, Ruediger E, Meanwell NA, Belema M, Lemm JA, Altaf A

Research Interests: Hepatitis, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis C Virus, Virus, Concentrations, Genotype, Genes, Hybrid, Infection, Replicons, Replicon, Ability, Binding Site, Centrifugation, Identification, Inhibition, Kinase, Membrane, Phosphorylation, Regulation