Franchi,A M

Institution: Laboratory of Physiopathology of Pregnancy and Labour, Centre for Pharmacological and Botanical Studies, Paraguay 2155, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Top Collaborators: Aisemberg J, Vercelli CA, Wolfson ML, Billi S, Salazar AI, Bariani MV, Ribeiro ML, Cervini M, Farina M, Cella M, Domínguez Rubio AP, Farina MG, Vercelli C, Wolfson M, Osycka-salut C, Billi SC, Sordelli M, Sordelli MS, Rosenstein RE

Research Interests: Pregnancy, Uterus, Nitric Oxide, Role, Production, Tissue, Endocannabinoid, Play, Reproduction, Mice, Administration, Progesterone, Treatment, Concentrations, Septic Abortion, Tissues, Prostaglandins, Infection, Enzymes, Gestation