Frégeau,Chantal J

Institution: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Forensic Science and Identification Services, National Services and Research, 1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3M8 Canada., Canada

Top Collaborators: Gorn-hondermann I, Birnboim HC, Jonker D, Fourney RM, Duval K, Aubin RA, Elliott J, De Moors A, Georgalis T, Armstrong G, Modler J

Research Interests: DNA, Cells, Chloroform, Digestion, Dithiothreitol, DNA Typing, Evaluation, Formalin, Magnetic, Molecular Diagnostic, Molecular Diagnostics, Phenol, Procedure, Procedures, Resource, Tissue, Tissues, Adoption, Cell, Efficiency