Fout,G Shay

Institution: Biohazard Assessment Research Branch, Microbiological and Chemical Exposure, National Exposure Research Laboratory, Office of Research and Development, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, Ohio 45268, USA

Top Collaborators: Rhodes ER, Wymer L, Cashdollar JL, Brinkman NE, Griffin SM, Mcminn BR, Varughese EA, Grimm AC, Parshionikar SU, Laseke I, Karim MR, Brinkman N, Parshionikar S

Research Interests: Water, Poliovirus, Virus, Viruses, Echovirus, Noroviruses, Norwalk Virus, Drinking, PCR, Ability, Adsorption, Cost, Environmental Protection, Immersion, PH, Polioviruses, Procedure, Retention, River, Affect