Institution: Division of CBRN Security and Defence, FOI - Swedish Defence Research Agency, Umeå, Sweden

Top Collaborators: Richter HO, Bänziger T, Thelaus J, Andersson A, Mathisen P, Forslund AL, Granberg M, Noppa L, Karlsson L, Kuoppa K, Larsson E, Abdi S, Lundmark E, Sjödin A, Lundström JO, Svensson K, Näslund J, Ohrman C, Schäfer M, Ahlinder J

Research Interests: Ability, Francisella, Francisella Tularensis, Strains, Water, Electromyography, Eye, Lens Accommodation, Lenses, Muscle, Cells, Ecosystems, Environments, Food, Food Web, Lake, Outbreaks, Survival, Tetrahymena, Tetrahymena Pyriformis