Florin,Timothy H

Institution: Mater Medical Research Institute and the University of Queensland, Australia

Top Collaborators: Mcguckin MA, Das I, Lourie R, Png CW, Duley JA, Eri RD, Lawrance IC, Oancea I, Bampton PA, Winkler IG, Eri R, Croft A, Subramaniam N, Jinnah HA, Radford-smith GL, Mcwhinney BC, Levesque JP, Lindén SK, Sly LI, Andrews JM

Research Interests: Disease, Patients, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Azathioprine, Drugs, Mercaptopurine, Therapeutic, Cells, Diseases, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Human, Inflammation, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Reticulum, Unfolded Protein Response, Necrosis, Treatment, Mucus, Cell, Mucin