Institution: Houston VA HSR&D Center of Excellence, Houston, Texas, USA

Top Collaborators: Mortazavi MM, Romeo AK, Deep A, Griessenauer CJ, Shoja MM, Tubbs RS, Hodges S, Mouret P, Bansal V, Agnelli G, Jo E, George D, Ahern C, Kakkar A, Sansgiry S, Mismetti P, Petersen N, Turpie AG, Silberfein E,

Research Interests: Patients, Abdominal Fat, Blood, Body Mass Index, Intra-abdominal Fat, Length Of Stay, Postoperative Complications, Concentration, Consensus, Elevated Intracranial Pressure, Intracranial Pressure, Literature, Mannitol, Pressure, Cancer, Heparin, Low-molecular-weight Heparin, Risk, Thromboembolism, Venous Thromboembolism