Institution: Nursing Research and Education, Department of Population Sciences, City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA, USA

Top Collaborators: Uman G, Koczywas M, Cristea M, Williams AC, Reckamp K, Grannis FW, Tiep BL, Borneman T, Juarez G, Sun V, Guevara C, Mccarty C, Klimberg VS, Del Ferraro C, Hurria A, Sun VC, Grant M, Piper BF, Fujinami R, Paice JA

Research Interests: Cancer, Quality Of Life, Life, Patients, Palliative Care, Cell, Lung, Lung Cancer, Pain, Disease, Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, Small Cell Lung Cancer, Fatigue, Patient, Attention, Survivorship, Treatments, Evaluation, Paper, Breast