Farah,C S

Institution: the University of Queensland, Australia

Top Collaborators: Hauk P, Guzzo CR, Ho PL, Salinas RK, Saunus JM, Matias MA, Barbosa AS, Chaw SY, Andrade MO, Majeed AA, Dalley AJ, Wagner SA, Chan A, Stein S, Hu Y, Dunger G, Zaini ZM, Dost F, Cappelletti PA, Ford PJ

Research Interests: Calcium, Membrane, Proteins, Tryptophan, Membrane Protein, Xanthomonas, Circular Dichroism, Disease, Extracellular Matrix, Extracellular Matrix Proteins, Fibronectin, Fluorescence, Ions, Leptospira, Atpase, Biogenesis, Family, Virulence, Il-23, Interleukin