Fairlie,W Douglas

Institution: The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia

Top Collaborators: Lee EF, Colman PM, Smith BJ, Evangelista M, Gellman SH, Yang H, Perugini MA, Czabotar PE, Tchoubrieva EB, Peterson-kaufman KJ, Strasser A, Kalinna BH, Horne WS, Sleebs BE, Mayer KN, Lessene G, Dewson G, Fedorova A, Pettikiriarachchi A, Zobel K

Research Interests: Ligands, Apoptosis, Family, Peptides, Proteins, Cancer, Survival, Puma, Binding Site, Family Members, Movements, Therapeutics, Cells, Human, Libraries, Library, Mouse, Peptide Libraries, Phage, Cell