Faaberg,Kay S

Institution: Iowa State University, USA

Top Collaborators: Nicholson TL, Brockmeier SL, Miller LC, Lager KM, Kappes MA, Guo B, Kehrli ME, Henningson JN, Schlink SN, Yang HC, Vorwald AC, Han J, Rutherford MS, Layton S, Ciacci-zanella J, Roof MB, Kukielka D, Miller CL, Vincent AL, Alt DP

Research Interests: Prrsv, Virus, Porcine Reproductive And Respiratory Syndrome, Porcine Reproductive And Respiratory Syndrome Virus, Syndrome, Lung, Strain, Swine, Cho Cells, Mutations, Point Mutations, Genome, Infection, Acids, Amino Acids, Asp, Cysteine, Cysteine Protease, Genetics, Proteolysis