Institution: University of Versailles-Saint Quentin, France

Top Collaborators: Dale AM, Franzblau A, Descatha A, Coomes J, Striley CW, Harris-adamson C, Rempel D, Gerr F, Kaskutas V, Hegmann K, Lipscomb H, Silverstein B, Gaal J, Burt S, Fuchs M, Garg A, Cottler LB, Kapellusch J, Mccloskey DJ, Merlino L

Research Interests: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Syndrome, Research, Physical Examination, Population, Construction Industry, Industry, Morbidity, Mortality, Epidemiological Studies, Elderly, Ethnic Groups, Health, Institutes, National Institutes Of Health, Perceptions, Populations, Rural Populations, Women, Hand