Etheridge,Susan P

Institution: University of Utah School of Medicine, USA

Top Collaborators: Tisma-dupanovic S, Fournier A, Tristani-firouzi M, Blaufox AD, Sanatani S, Fischbach P, Ro PS, Paul T, Kanter RJ, Young ML, Batra AS, Singh HR, Silva J, Ross BA, Cuneo B, Wong KK, Bar-cohen Y, Singh H, Mccrindle BW, Tanel RE

Research Interests: Patients, Syndrome, Children, Sodium, Channelopathies, Disease, Family, Gene, Inward Rectifier K+ Channel, Ion Channel, Membrane, Membrane Potential, Mutation, Paralysis, Aged, Arrhythmia, Defibrillator, Electrocardiography, Implantable Cardioverter-defibrillator, Knowledge