Institution: French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (Anses), Avian and Rabbit Virology, Immunology and Parasitology Unit (VIPAC), BP53, Ploufragan, France

Top Collaborators: Escaffre O, Toquin D, Müller H, Le Nouën C, Amelot M, Ambroggio X, Ogden KM, Guionie O, Islam MR, Raue R, Richez P, Kean KM, Le Pottier G, Langlois P, Cherbonnel M, Kempf I, Le Roux A, Perrin-guyomard A, Queguiner M, Mourand G

Research Interests: Disease, Genome, Ibdv, Infectious Bursal Disease Virus, Virus, Double-stranded RNA, RNA, Capsid, Mortality, Pathogenicity, Strains, Valine, Neomycin, Avibirnavirus, Birnaviridae, Cell, Cell Culture, Culture, Family, Methods