Institution: Department of Biochemistry and Primary Screening, Pfizer, La Jolla, San Diego 92121, USA

Top Collaborators: Alton G, Grant S, Kath JC, Cronin CN, Phonephaly S, Kraus M, Rui E, Xie Z, Luo C, Sutton S, Deng YL, Gehring M, Quenzer T, Margosiak S, Register J, Brown E, Hofler A, Nichols T, Lingardo L, Vanderpool D

Research Interests: Cells, Inhibition, Kinase, Role, Nickel, Allosteric Site, ATP, DNA, DNA Damage, Mitotic Checkpoint, Plays, Therapeutic, Tumor, Cancer, Cell, Cho Cells, Environment, Growth, Measure, Membrane