Ensom,Mary H H

Institution: The University of British Columbia; †Child and Family Research Institute; and ‡Department of Pharmacy, Canada

Top Collaborators: Kiang TK, Mabasa VH, Partovi N, Wilby KJ, Al-khatib M, Shapiro RJ, Ting LS, Loh GW, Sherwin CM, Spigarelli MG, Greanya ED, Su VC, Dumontet J, Chan AH, Teng JF, Harrison J, Rogers C, Mah GT, Chow I, Levine M

Research Interests: Patients, Therapeutic, Literature, Drug Monitoring, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Transplant, Transplant Recipients, Patient, Pharmacokinetics, Population, Treatment, Concentrations, Mycophenolic Acid, Algorithm, Methods, Role, Drug Interactions, Safety, Populations, Exhibits