Engwerda,Christian R

Institution: Queensland Institute of Medical Research and The Australian Centre for Vaccine Development, Australia

Top Collaborators: Haque A, Amante FH, Hill GR, Randall LM, Stanley AC, Zhou Y, Best SE, De Labastida Rivera F, Anstey NM, De Labastida F, Rivera FDE L, Le L, Woodberry T, Salwati E, Granger DL, Hobbs MR, Sheel M, Price RN, Weinberg JB, Kenangalem E

Research Interests: Disease, Malaria, Infection, T Cells, Parasite, Cerebral Malaria, Cell, Mice, Parasites, Lymphotoxin, Brain, Cells, Tissue, Plasmodium, Diseases, Pathology, Patients, Production, Plasmodium Berghei, Cancer