Institution: Western-Transdanubian Regional Institute of National Public Health and Medical Officers' Service, Hungary

Top Collaborators: Nadasi E, Varjas T, Nowrasteh G, Budán F, Szabo I, Horvath G, Dávid T, Makai S, Gergely P, Gracza T, Varga Z, Cseh J, Molnar K, Fehér K, Kádár B, Cercato MC, Orsós Z, Prantner I, Kiss I, Dombi Z

Research Interests: Animal, Consumption, Dmba, Gene, Gene Expression, Genes, Research, Affect, Animals, Apoptosis, Asian, Carcinogens, Cell, Cell Cycle, Cell Differentiation, Chinese, Cyclin, Cyclin D1, Diet, Dietary Supplements