Emanuel,Beverly S

Institution: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA

Top Collaborators: Kurahashi H, Kato T, Kogo H, Ohye T, Tsutsumi M, Tong M, Inagaki H, Hosoba E, Hacker AM, Brown J, Tomkins D, Shaikh TH, Bolor H, Zackai EH, Sheridan MB, Haldeman-englert C, Jalali GR, Milunsky JM, Zou Y, Klaes R

Research Interests: DNA, Sperm, Genome, Human, Human Genome, PCR, Cells, Humans, Genomic Instability, Administration, Cell, Cell Lines, Cultured Cell, DNA Polymerase Alpha, DNA Replication, Eukaryotes, Gene, Incidence, Inhibition, siRNA