El-Kattan,Ayman F

Institution: Pharmacokinetics Dynamics and Metabolism, Pfizer Global Research and Development, Pfizer Inc., Groton, Connecticut 06340, USA

Top Collaborators: Varma MV, Rotter CJ, Litchfield J, Fenner KS, Chupka J, Whalen KM, Duignan DB, Feng B, Goosen TC, Gardner I, Steyn SJ, Nkansah P, Whitney-pickett C, Zhang H, Di L, Ambler CM, Cram M, Ullah M, Sun H

Research Interests: Absorption, Classification, Drug Discovery, Drugs, Hydrogen, Permeability, Solubility, Coenzyme A, Human, PH, Specificity, Ability, Breast, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Glycoprotein, Identification, Libraries, Membrane, P-glycoprotein