Edge,Albert S B

Institution: Harvard Medical School, USA

Top Collaborators: Shi F, Fujioka M, Tong M, Okano H, Brugeaud A, Kempfle JS, Mizutari K, Li H, Adams J, Polley DB, Liu H, Liberman MC, Corrales CE, Tokano H, Luo L, Risner JR, Fujioka KS, Forrester J, Holt JR, Jeon SJ

Research Interests: Hair, Cells, Cell, Ear, Inner Ear, Neurons, Inhibition, Mouse, Cochlea, Organ Of Corti, Stem Cells, Hearing, Ganglion, Spiral Ganglion, Synapses, Stem, Progenitor Cells, Transcription Factor, Auditory Hair Cells, Deafness
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